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Carob Milk Chocolate

Carob, the fruit of the Carob tree, is the so-called ‘chocolate of Crete’, because it has a naturally sweet and pleasant taste and can be an excellent substitute for chocolate.

Delicarob: the perfect dessert

Delicarob is a locust bean spread that contains locust bean powder, Carob Syrup, hazelnut paste and whole milk powder. Carob powder comes from the flesh of the carob and that is why it is very nutritious. It contains trace elements (iron, manganese, copper, chromium, nickel) potassium, magnesium, as well as calcium (in three times the proportion of milk), phosphorus, B vitamins, proteins and tannins, i.e. fibrous substances such as lignin, which has a cholesterol-suppressing effect. Carob Syrup is the liquid contained in carob and it is very rich in calcium. Overall, Delicarob is a product ideal for both children and adults.

Delicarob is a dessert and can have many uses. Its texture is similar to that of Merenda. It can replace chocolate or cocoa or meet our sugar needs. It can be spread on bread, toast, bun, or used in cakes, rolls, cookies, pastries, or more generally in pastry making and confectionery. See HERE the recipes with Delicarob. It is a very good source of energy and as it tastes great, it is an excellent breakfast for everyone.


ChocoCarob, the new carob milk chocolate

We may owe a lot to those who invented chocolate, but, because of our desire to have a product in our diet with less sugar, we invented ChocoCarob with Organic Carob Syrup. 50% of sweeteners are natural, while it has 60% fewer calories than sugar. One of the main ingredients of ChocoCarob is Carob Syrup, which as we said above, is very rich in calcium, and thus helps in better physical health.

ChocoCarob can be consumed directly, or in confectionery, in sweets. Melted, it can be an amazing coating on cakes, cheesecakes, chocolates, truffles, cookies and more. See HERE the recipes with Carob Chocolate.